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style and fashion trends in usa's third largest city is the place to stay up to date with fashion and style trends for the latino demographic in Chicago. We keep this site up to date with news, pictures, tips and advice about the latino fashion movement which is rapidly growing in Chicago.

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Latino fashion is becoming more modern, trendy and reaches out to a wider global audience so we are keeping a fingers on the pulse to ensure you guys can stay up to date with developments in the latino fashion scene in Chicago and the wider industry as a whole.

the influences of chicago latino fashion

It goes without saying that it takes more than a casual glance to understand boho clothing & Latino fashion. And this is mostly because Latino fashion is all about culture and geography fused with subtle traits of deep-rooted religious beliefs. In the commercial front, Latino fashion trends represent a unique Chicagoland style whose origin emanates from literally a continent away.

The design has grown over the years, steadily merging with Afro and Contemporary American fashion styles giving rise to a peri-modern, suave dressing style. For many years now, Latino fashion has been associated with warm tropical colors that rarely exist in today's modern setting. And this kind of misplaced misconception can be retraced back to the colorful carnival colors that are typically the norm in most native Latin American celebrations.

But in reality, such a dressing style is only reserved for such special occasions and doesn't actually feature in day-to-day Latin American fashion trends. In the Chicago fashion scene, the pulsating effects of Latino fashion are easily discernible from the fair amounts of black and white with a splattering of turquoise, red and purple that has graced the city's leading boutiques in the past few seasons, especially during summer and spring.

Apart from that, anyone of with a keen sense of fashion may have noticed the swelling number of Chicago's top female models rocking skirts embroidered in tribal prints or outgoing patterns. Of late, this unique and outgoing style has also been carried over to pants, shoes, nail polish, tops, shorts, corsets, etc, and more people are gladly embracing a trend that stems from the blending of native African style with traditional Latin American design but with modern, classy and expert touches.

The script becomes even more interesting when you throw in Latin-inspired scarfs, headgear, caps, belts and other accessories in the picture. Nowadays, most women living in Chicago, for instance, would feel underdressed if they stepped out of their apartments without a lacy scarf or mantilla thrown over their necks. Which, of course, is a fashion style that borrows most of its authenticity from the Latin Catholicism way of displaying piety and religious consciousness.

But even with that said, it's the contemporary Chicago women's fashion niche that have gained a lot from the Latin fashion waves that have rocked the city in the past few months. Now, most women shoes and dresses designed in Chicago have that peculiar but still gorgeous sexy twist whose roots can be traced back to native bohemian clothing.

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Latino fashion is becoming so popular in the US right now and the scene is thriving in Chicago. Latino Fashion Week tours around the country with a huge show every year in Chicago. We attend to take photos, interview some of the latest and newest designers as well as find out the most recent news in the fashion world in general to report back to our readers.